Dermalogica Expert Programme
Dermalogica Expert Programme

The Dermalogica Expert Programme rewards you, the professional skin therapist, for taking your knowledge of skin to the next level. The programme empowers you to be confident across all levels of your profession and offers the opportunity to be recognised as one of the most esteemed therapists in the country.


By completing the Dermalogica Expert Programme you will not only take your career to the next level, you will also receive additional benefits to reward you for your commitment to the programme and help you stay motivated beyond achieving Expert status.


How it works...

You can use the Education Pathway to map your course and help you choose the workshops you need to progress. This essential document also contains details of the 'recommended reading' for each tier. All articles and videos selected to accompany your practical learning can be found in the Online Learning section of this site, they are always available as a reference to re-read and review at any time.


Once you have completed the required workshops for each tier, you will receive a certificate and pin highlighting your professional status – Certified, Specialist or Expert.


Shout about it!

Display your certificate and wear your apron and pin with pride - let your clients know just how qualified and professional you are! Plus you'll also receive marketing displays, a $110 retail product voucher, a VIP personalised treatment at one of our Training Centres, recognition on the Dermalogica Professional Facebook Expert Page and access to our exclusive Expert Inner Circle.


What's my status?

You can check your individual status at MyEducation, where you can also track the workshops you have attended and those that you are yet to complete. Every student's journey is individual in time-scale and the selection of topics that count as 'additional workshops' change with each Education Calendar, so you are able to personalise elements of your route to becoming a Dermalogica Expert too!


The Dermalogica Expert programme and its certification is our way of recognising you as a trusted source of credible advice and treatment. But it is not the end! At Dermalogica you never stop learning, so Expert skin therapists are encouraged to implement and develop the skills gained through training and are invited to new workshops and re-attend our existing, continually updated, workshops.

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