Every day more than 2,500 students attend Dermalogica classes worldwide. What are they saying about our award-winning classes? Read it for yourself!

  • Testimonuial 56

    I had the best experience attending Dermalogica workshops. Apparently studying can be fun! I really did not expect to reach Expert level so fast. It literally took me only 2 months, the best months, full of knowledge, amazing educators, that will support you in every step you take with Dermalogica and International Dermal Institute. I gained so much knowledge, my performance at work increased, my self esteem and self confidence grew and now I am not scared to experiment, to use different combinations of products and machinery. Dermalogica workshops are the fastest and most awesome way to increase your knowledge, performance and it just pushes you forward to do more, be self confident and the best skin therapist. The biggest thank you to all educators, and everyone that are super helpful with everything. Hats off!

    Dovile - Dermalogica Expert

  • Testimonial 52

    Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative training! I sooo loved to spend time with like-minded ladies, and what a lovely group they were. As of Tuesday, I no longer refer to myself as a Beauty Therapist, I am now a SKIN THERAPIST. Just love this new name tag. You have pulled me out of my cosy warm comfort zone and given me my zest back. I have a lipstick and Precleanse on my consultation desk. I had two clients yesterday and sold seven products! Revision is good - it has the power to remind a person of the qualities and skills that have allowed to lapse. New training can then build on skills already there. See you all very soon.

    Lesley – Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 53

    I found H.A.P.P.Y Retailing workshop amazing! I wasn’t confident at all in selling and when I went back to work I reached my monthly target that WEEK! I was so happy and much more confident.

    Ashlee – Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonal 54

    Now that I am a Dermalogica Expert, I am more confident, my customers trust me more and I am selling more products! I am so proud and so happy to be a Dermalogica Expert. Thank you to all of the teachers from the Dermalogica Education Centre for helping me be the most knowledgeable. I love Dermalogica!
    Vanessa - Dermalogica Expert

  • Testimonial 55

    First of all, I'd like to thank you and your colleagues for giving me the guidance in achieving my goal as a Dermalogica Expert. Its a great accomplishment and will work to exceed this goal.


    Now that I have a broader knowledge of the whole product range, I am confident in recommending the right products for all my clients needs. I have had many clients sample products and majority of them come back in to make their purchase just days after.


    What I love most is how I can express my knowlegde of Dermalogica into my facial treatments and put into action all my recommendations for each and every one of my clients. I also love how they trust in me and the end results are truly amazing. The smiles on each of my clients say it all.
    Kathleen - Dermalogica Expert

  • Testimonial 51

    I have been with Dermalogica since 2013. I attended the BioSurface Peel workshop a few years ago (loved it!) but the IonActive Power Treatments workshop took it to another level! I got to play with the different products, machines and get to know more what about your skin needs. I highly recommend the IonActive Power Treatments workshop!

    Sarah Ha – Dermalogica Expert

  • Testimonial 50

    I knew the background of IonActive however coming to training gave me the confidence to bring it back to my skin centre and confidently suggest this to clients. Having a play around with products and machines during training was fun!

    Lyndsay Browne - Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 48

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my training programme at Dermalogica. I found the days to be highly informative and educational. They were delivered by professional educators within an environment where a ‘hands on’ learning was encouraged, which resulted in bringing confidence to not just myself but also other students.

    Amanda – Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 47

    I found the classes very educational. I feel my retail back in the salon will increase. I look forward to visiting the centre in the future

    Meg – Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 46

    Found the experience very educational. Encouraging, very helpful for knowledge in the salon. I feel more confident to prescribe products to my clients.

    Emma-Lee – Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 45

    Amazing trainers with great knowledge, communication skills and personalities. Hands on and theory based for best knowledge. Love the prizes! It is a clear, structured three-day course. It’s the reason I do beauty Therapy!

    Bianca – Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 44

    Excellent training, great for someone who is new to Dermalogica. Hands on, interactive and provides a great wealth of knowledge.

    Lesson plans and structure of the workshop is simple to understand and worked well. I feel this has been invaluable to my business, a definite requirement to ensure you are confident with product and application techniques.

    Nicole Irving - Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 43

    After Dermalogica Certified training, I feel more confident and comfortable. I started doing Dermalogica skin treatments in my Spa and my retailing has improved! My boss is so happy and has sent all of the other team members to training. Thank you to all of the Dermalogica trainers.

    Supraja Medigeri - Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 42

    The last three days have been so informative and I have fallen more in love with Dermalogica! I am so excited to share my new knowledge with clients and implement the products into my personal home care. Samantha was amazing and helped answer every question we threw at her! Great training!

    Molly Pearce - Dermalogica Certified

  • Testimonial 41

    Thanks to all of the intensive Dermalogica workshops, I can now sell 3 times more products than before! I have become more confident and more knowledgable with Dermalogica. The workshops are really informative and practical. Thank you all for your great help!

    Se Young Jang - dermalogica certified

  • Testimonial 40

    I always look forward to coming to training. Everyone is so griednly and is always willing to answer any questions you may have. The new workshops are great and I can become an Expert even sooner! I'm so happy working in this industry and Dermalogica helps to make sure that I'm updated with all the current industry knowledge.

    Maria Zaharis - dermalogica certified

  • Testimonial 35

    I really enjoyed the HAPPY Retailing workshop and I feel this approach is much more realistic.


    I have been finding customers feel more at ease about Face Mapping when it is introduced in a more casual manner.


    The Priority product definitely creates some urgency and the need to at least purchase one product to get started.


    I have been finding that not pushing 5 products all at once actually allows the customer to gain trust and start asking questions about the other products allowing them to feel more "in control" of the situation.

    Megan Brealey

  • Testimonial 34

    The team have been going absolutely fantastically and they are really focused on helping customers particularly using the HAPPY Retailing technique. Since coming out of training we have had some great results. In fact, I think we have all noticed a huge turn around with customers/clients and giving them the answers they want to all their skin questions and needs. I've noticed more returning clients as well which is another big tick for HAPPY retailing. 

    Kylie Rowland

  • Testimonial 33

    I used the happy approach to new clients and it worked really well. I had a few clients come in for 1 product and ended selling them 3 products. The happy approach is definitely more friendly and it helped me reach over my target.


    I loved the workshop and I think Dermalogica is going in the right direction with retailing.

    Sandra Kahwati

  • Testimonial 32

    I have found our new approach learnt in HAPPY Retailing so helpful in the retail space. It's way more relaxed and flows so much better! I have recruited 3 new customers by just following the steps I learnt in training. And one of the customers is bringing her sister back in today!

    Carly Elliot

  • Testimonial 30

    After spending the morning attending the HAPPY retailing workshop, I went back to work and I did it! I’m not sure why I was nervous because I have been providing customer service in a retail environment for so long!


    I had a customer tell me she had never used Dermalogica and was concerned with ageing. I openly asked her some questions to gauge what she was looking for. Then very casually I asked if she would like me to have a look at her skin. Although I’m experienced in face mapping, I implemented some new tools that I learnt from today that I could see the customer responded to well – she was engaged, present and interacting with me.


    Handing her the mirror and demonstrating the product on my hand first was fantastic. It was nice to be able to feel more comfortable to be relaxed with my words as I believe some times as therapists we try to be too technical that we not only confuse the customer but ourselves.


    It was fantastic to gain that reassurance today that my relaxed approach was correct and to learn about the new tools to implement.


    Although there were nerves initially I was pleased with the outcome and totally agree that if you do it right from the first customer, it will work.


    I thoroughly enjoyed the training, thank you.

    Rea Gerovasilis

  • Testimonial 31

    I attended the HAPPY retailing workshop today and it was great!


    I just had two customers come in separately that ended up purchasing a minimum of three products and they were excited to come back after they tried the samples of the other products I recommended from their face map.


    I absolutely love the mirror idea. It is definitely my favourite as it really opens up the conversation to more than one skin concern!

    Rebecca Sorbello

  • Testimonial 29

    I just finished my shift today after attending the HAPPY retailing workshop this morning. The end of day result speaks for itself! I think this new retail method is a lot less pressure and free flowing for both myself and the customer.


    I focused on filling the gaps in their current routine so they’re not wasting their previously purchased products from other brands. This instilled them with trust and confidence in me that I was coming from a genuine place rather than having a retail sales target mindset.


    The customers were appreciative of my follow up approach by asking them to come back in two weeks’ time. It showed care and interest in their concerns.


    I look forward to practicing this new technique and seeing the results it will bring.

    Amy MacKenzie

  • Testimonial 28

    From an Expert’s point of view, you have two choices each morning – either you keep on dreaming or you get up and chase your dreams!

    I chose to chase my dreams. I am a mother of four and work 5 days per week at one of the most well-known skin centres in Australia. It has taken me over 16 months to achieve my dreams but it was well worth it! If I can do it, anyone can! Where else could you get free education and a team that are so welcoming and always willing to help? No question was ever left unanswered.

    I am proud to be part of the Expert tribe and appreciate knowing that I will always have that support, even at an Expert level. I strongly recommend everyone to take advantage of Dermalogica’s free education, you never know, you might be surprised to learn a few things. You’re never too old to learn.

    Kate Reynolds – dermalogica expert

  • Testimonial 39

    I have loved all the support and guidance over the last 6 months in the lead up to completing my expert status. Coming to classes is great and experiencing treatments are always fun.
    Tania Ely - dermalogica expert

  • Testimonial 37

    Overall I found that the expert program was amazing, so much knowledge has been gained, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff are beyond helpful in assisting you to get to expert.
    Hayden Anton - dermalogica expert

  • Testimonial 36

    Beautiful atmosphere and educators. The skills and knowledge I have learnt was world class, I will forever be thankful for all I have learnt.
    Emily Lawrie - dermalogica expert

  • Testimonial 28

    I recently attended Emma's "Effective Communication" evening at Dermalogica Melbourne's Headquarters in South Melbourne. (It's becoming a little professional haven for me!) I wanted to share my experience of the evening and how it relates to my recent professional development...

    I'm a communication Nerd. I LOVE exploring how to be more emotionally intelligent, consistent and clear in my communication with my colleagues in-spa and my clients in the treatment room.

    Recently over the past 6 months or so I have made a shift in the way I communicate at work. I stop, I slow right down when I meet a client - whether it's the first or the twentieth; whether I am waxing eyebrows or treating skin. I look them in the eyes, I become really aware of breathing right down into my belly, into my feet, so that I am really present with them and not in my head thinking about everything else I need to be doing. I look them in the eye and stay open in my body language, and I listen. I really stop and listen. And I find I am much more able to respond with clarity and in direct support of their needs. In response, my retail and re-bookings have almost doubled. I am hitting my maximum targets every month. And I am enjoying my job more as I am really connecting with my clients, and feeling successful and professional to boot. What I am realizing is that people, fundamentally, come to be cared for. Yes, they want great skin, however first and foremost they want to feel truly seen by the person treating them. Results AND skillful care and communication keeps them coming back.

    This really hit home in the seminar - that great communication can completely transform your life - personally and professionally! The only thing that was missing was the rest of my Work Crew! I would have loved to have shared the evening with them however have brought some gems of wisdom into the spa where I can. Thanks for an enlightening and potent evening of education Melbourne ladies (as always!)

    Kate Dumaresq-Watt - dermalogica certified

  • Testimonial 37

    Training has been really beneficial. Not only learning about dermalogica products but also the skin as well has been so helpful to bring back to work.

    Trainers are always happy to help and if they don’t have an answer for you they will always follow it up and have an answer to give to you by the end of the class.
    Anonymous - dermalogica expert

  • Testimonial27

    I attended regional training and found it wonderful to now have the knowledge to retail more confidently. I ordered testers for hot spots and this alone has excelled my product retail sales. I have applied the information gained from the workshops and it has made such a difference to the client’s experience! Since training, I have taken my client’s skin treatments up a notch by having a professional edge. My clients have remarked at how amazing their skin looks and feels and they’re rebooking! After uploading to social media, I have received even more bookings! Dermalogica is lighting up my skin centre and exciting my clients. I am loving using all of the products and found the education superior to any other education. Your knowledge and passion for skin is highly motivating and inspirational. I can't thank you enough!

    Brittany Millard - dermalogica certified and business owner

  • testimonial28

    We attended the brand new Expert Inner Circle IonActive workshop and enjoyed it thoroughly. Our Training Specialist was incredibly informative, knowledgeable and professional. The Expert Inner Circle workshops provide a fantastic opportunity to be around like-minded Dermalogica Experts to share experiences and knowledge of the brand. Thank you for a great day!

    Emma Hardy – dermalogica expert and business owner

  • testimonial26

    Since I started working with Dermalogica and attending education, I’ve learnt how to engage in the customer conversation and build relationships with returning clientele. This has assisted me greatly as I can now confidently customise all treatments and have increased my ability to both prescribe and retail products effectively. In the 4 months my Dermalogica unit sales have increased from $400 a month to nearly $3000. Become a master Retailer has honestly been the turning point for me.
    Thank you Dermalogica!

    Roya Ahmadi - dermalogica certified

  • testimonial 25

    I recently achieved Dermalogica Expert status. I’m thrilled that my passion and excitement for the programme has inspired my whole team to invest their time in education also. Our team of 12 skin therapists are now well on their way to achieve their Dermalogica Expert status. This has been so beneficial to our business as the knowledge and skills our therapists are building, keeps our clients coming back for more. They know they will receive the most customised treatments and education along with fantastic results in the hands of our educated therapists. I cannot speak highly enough of this programme and would recommend these interactive workshops to anyone who wants to inspire and education their clients, their team and their self.

    Pamela Knox –  dermalogica expert and business owner

  • testimonial 16

    I'm absolutely loving being so much more confident and driven at work. My sales have increased a lot, my confidence to bring someone into a room and facemap on their skin and recommend products is so fantastic now. Thank you so much for everything. Will definitely see you again soon!’
    Kristy Mack - dermalogica certified

  • testimonial 20

    The proof is always in the figures, Dermalogica Expert Status unequivocally increases sales ability. My first staff member to achieve Expert Status increased her Dermalogica unit sales by 30% and her overall average unit retail sales by $10 per person. It has given her confidence and more importantly pride in what she does. She has learnt that by dedicating herself to education and acquiring new skills gives her the job satisfaction she so desired. She is so proud and encourages all other staff members to do the same. Her re-bookings have increased as well as her ability to cross-sell treatments. She has gained knowledge that she never learnt before even after being in the industry for ten years. Her passion for the industry has been re-ignited. I could only wish the same results for everyone who dedicates themselves to greater learning.

    Anna Field – business owner 

  • testimonial 21

    After attending become a master retailer, I went back to my Skin Centre with fire in my belly to sell. Using the tools and sizzle words that were taught, I sold 6 products in one day, that’s triple what I would normally retail. It was easier than expected and my clients loved it.  

    Jodie Mccombe - dermalogica certified

  • Testimonial 20

    I recently started attending Dermalogica workshops in Brisbane and have found the staff, Susan, Liz, Natalie and Renee to be nothing short of amazing. As a Skin Therapist being in the industry for 11 years, I can honestly say it’s the best education I have received. Having educators who are so passionate and knowledgeable makes me want to attend all the available workshops they have to offer, even though I have to complete this in my own time. From the moment I walk into the Training Centres to when I leave, the experience is exceptional. Thank you Dermalogica for not only educating Skin Therapist like myself, but for your incredible staff to represent the brand so well.

    Kelea Wyatt – dermalogica specialist 

  • testimonial 17

    My Dermalogica training now has me diagnosing and treating clients skin concerns with confidence and ease. I now feel completely comfortable recommending products and providing home care solutions and advice. My clients are happy as they’re seeing real results and achieving they skin they have always wanted.

    Romy Richetti - dermalogica expert

  • testimonial 18

    It’s always fantastic to come to training. The girls are always so inspiring and professional. I always leave with a sense of enthusiasm and a renewed confidence.

    Alison Clifford- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial13

    I have been working with Dermalogica for seven years and love the constant education that’s provided. The Expert Programme ensures that I have been able to reach full potential as an elite Skin Therapist. I am a total skin care/ingredient nerd so I have thoroughly enjoyed sinking my teeth into the new and in-depth workshop. I love it – thank you!  

    Lauren Wilson- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial 14

    It’s always fantastic to come to training. The staff are always so inspiring and professional. I always leave with a sense of enthusiasm and a renewed confidence.

    Alison Clifford- dermalogica expert

  • testimonail 16

    I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to each and every workshop with Dermalogica. The Educators are always so friendly and have so much passion for skin health that it is infectious, I always leave feeling so inspired. As a Manager, I want to send all my staff members to become a Dermalogica Expert, as I want them all to feel as passionate and enthusiastic as myself after attending this training.

    Chelsea Hayashi - dermalogica expert

  • testimonial 19

    The expert program has been the best thing I have done. I have been in the industry for over 8 years and I have refreshed and got so much out of this program. I am passionate about my job and have a new love for the industry again. I recommend everyone to do it. You won’t regret it!
    Aami-Lee Grimaldi- dermalogica expert

  • Testimonial 16

    I always look forward to coming to training, I walk away after the day falling more in love with Dermalogica. I become more motivated to recommend products to new clients, also practicing what I preach and trying new product formulations that get released. Thank you Dermalogica.

    Kaitlyn Illich- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial7

    Dermalogica expert workshops have made me more confident in retailing and have given me a lot of confidence to give an excellent and in depth client consultation. Thanks so much to the Perth team for making my training over the last 2-3 years fun and enjoyable.

    Jade Menzies- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial3

    Today I completed my dermalogica skin expert programme. It has given me the opportunity to increase my retail sales, knowledge, confidence and my ability to treat clients needs and concerns. The staff are all so friendly, helpful and make the learning experience enjoyable. The programme is rewarding and is a great way to set goals and achieve them. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be their best

    Suella Hetherington–  dermalogica expert

  • testimonial4

    The expert workshops were really great! Tina explains everything clearly so we can understand. All the information is coming back to me but this time we are going through it in so much more depth. I now know how to retail the ultracalming range to my clients.

    Felicity Maceri- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial14

    I have enjoyed every minute of my study at Dermalogica. I am a better skin therapist and business owner due to the in depth training. The only thing that disappointing is we want more workshops.
    Lisa Collinson- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial5

    I enjoyed the expert programme, going a lot deeper and advanced in the workshops is really helpful and expands my knowledge greatly, this is information I can keep forever and makes me a better therapist. Tina is a great instructor- fun, explains everything and still keeps it interesting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks heaps girls.

    Emma April Owens- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial6

    The training I received at Dermalogica was fantastic. I have found the workshops to be very informative which is exactly what I love. Going back into the skin centre after completing workshop after workshop has given me the knowledge and confidence to give my clients the best treatments and advice possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and am looking forward to attending more in the future.

    Katy Aronksky - dermalogica expert

  • testimonial8

    Coming to the workshops has helped me a lot, I’ve learnt about all the products, how they work, how to use them and how they feel on the skin. Having treatments on yourself helps to learn how other skin therapists perform their own treatments. The expert workshops are great because its more in depth and gives us a lot of information which we can pass on to our clients.

    Natasha Gallier- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial13

    I never thought I would enjoy my training as much as I did. The education trainers have made it a wonderful experience and made me want to come back time and time again. It’s been very interesting and I look forward to attending more training workshops in the future that will benefit me.

    Audrey– dermalogica expert

  • testimonial9

    My dermalogica experience so far has been nothing but amazing. The education is fantastic and gives you so much motivation to take back. The staff are so friendly and helpful.

    Rhiannon Singleton- dermalogica expert

  • testimonial10

    The training and online education centre is fantastic.Easy access is so convenient.

    Rochelle Struby - dermalogica certified

  • testimonial11

    I really enjoyed my dermalogica certified training. The teachers and staff were great and very helpful. I enjoyed learning about the products, treatments and I am looking forward to getting back to the treatment centre and performing these treatments. I also look forward to coming back and doing more workshops with dermalogica.  

    Adrianna Sweeney– dermalogica certified

  • testimonial12

    Love the dermalogica expert workshops!!! I understand dermalogica and the concept a lot more now. My regular and new clients love my new advanced facials I have learnt. I am looking forward to attending the business workshops also in the near future.

    Phillipa Brook- dermalogica expert